Production Technology

Various raw materials including feldspar, silica, clay and pottery stone are mixed and fine-milled in the ball mill.

2.Filter press & Vacuum extrusion
The clay body is made by filter-pressing the slip. The pressed body de-aired and extruded to the required size through the pug mill.

3.Green Making
Using appropriated roller head and plaster mould, green body is formed. For the irregular shapes such as teapots and figurines, slip casting is used. In casting, liquid clay (slip) is poured into plaster moulds and the green shape forms on the mould as the water is absorbed through the plaster mould.

The rough edges and foot of the green ware are cleaned with wet sponge by automatic edge-cleaning machine or by skilled hand.

To seal the surface of the biscuit body and to give the product its glossy finish, glaze is applied using automatic glaze spraying line.

6.Glost firing
Carefully loading the glazed ware onto a kiln car, the glazed ware is fired at 1280∑ C. At the temperature, the glaze powder melts and turns into a transparent glass layer covering the biscuit body. The glost-fired ware is inspected and ready for the decoration.
The printed decal is transferred onto the glost ware and dried.

8.Decoration firing
The decal and the ware are fired at appropriated temperatures and the printed patterns permanently fuse onto the glaze layer to give durable decoration.

9.Inspeciton & Packaging
Experienced eyes in the inspection area checks for possible faults in the ware and the finished ware is packaged as necessary.

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